Tuesday, 10 January 2017



1. The association which is related to the formation of Right to Information Act:
(a) Kisan Movement
(b) Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangatan
(c) Dalit Movement 
(d) Bharatiya Kisan Movement

2. The Constitution forbids the employment of children below the age of ____ in dangerous jobs:
(a) 14 
(b) 16
(c) 18 
(d) 12

3. Universal Adult Franchise creates:
(a) Economic equality 
(b) Social equality
(c) Political equality 
(d) Cultural equaltity

4. In Union Territory of Delhi, the Chief Minister is appointed by:
(a) President 
(b) Lt.Governor
(c) Prime Minister 
(d) Governor of State

5. It is mandatory of the police to take an arrested person before the nearest magistrate within ___ hours:
(a) 6 
(b) 12
(c) 24 
(d) 48

6. ‘The Right to Public Office’ is a :
(a) Civil Right 
(b) Economic Right
(c) Moral Right 
(d)Political Right

7. The law made by Judiciary is known as:
(a) Ordinary law 
(b) Case law
(c) Rule of law 
(d) Administrative law

8. The side of pedestrians on the road:
(a) Left 
(b) Right
(c) Left or right 
(d) No specified side

9. Which of the following statements is correct with regard to the structure of Union Government?
(a) It is unitary 
(b) It is federal
(c) It is federal in peace time and unitary in emergency 
(d) It is unitary in peace times and federal in emergencies

10. When a Bill is passed by the Parliament is submitted to the President:
(a) He has to sign it and give his assent
(b) he may alter its provisions
(c) he may return it only once for reconsideration
(d) he may send it for reconsideration more than once till he is satisfied

11. The quorum requirement in the Rajya Sabha:
(a) 25 
(b) 50
(c) 100 
(d) 126

12. The Supreme Court has the exclusive jurisdiction in regard to:
( a) Constitutional validity of state laws
(b) Constitutional validity of concurrent laws
( c)Constitutional validity of central laws
(d) None of the above

13. Under which article of our constitution , the Governor can reserve the bill for the consideration of the president?
(a) 199 
(b) 200
(c) 201 
(d) 202

14.The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the supervision of the:
(a) Ministry of Home Affairs 
(b) Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs 
(c) Prime Minister’s office 
(d)Speaker of Lok Sabha

15. The Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha in:
(a) Electoral powers 
(b) Emergency powers
(c) Amending powers 
(d) Financial powers

16. Right to Information is:
(a) Fundamental Right 
(b) Constitutional Right
(c) Natural Right 
(d) legal Right

17. Who took interest in the Public Interest Litigation cases ?
(a) Bhagawati and Krishna Iyer
(b) Kania and Sastri
(c) Ray and Beg
(d) Shah and Sikri

18. Who is responsible for protecting and defending the Constitution?
(b) Chief Justice of India
(c) Prime Minister
(d) Supreme Court of India

19. Whose prior permission is required before the money bill is introduced in the Lok Sabha ?
(a) President of India 
(b) Chief Justice of India
(c) Prime Minister 
(d) Speaker of Lok Sabha

20. Minority rights are given in :
(a) Article 25 -28 
(b) Article 29 and 30
(c) Article 31 
(d) Article 32


1 (b) 2(a) 3 (c) 4 (a) 5(c) 6(a) 7(b) 8(b) 9(c) 10(c) 11(a) 12(c) 13(c) 14(d) 15(d) 16(d) 17(a) 18(d) 19(a) 20(b)

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