Tuesday, 20 December 2016



1:-Who is the first Chairman of the Planning Commission of India ?
 A:-Dr. Rajendra Prasad
 B:-M. Vishweshwarayya
 C:-A. Dalal
 D:-Jawaharlal Nehru
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

2:-'Mount Kailas' is situated in
 D:-None of these
 Correct Answer:- Option-C

3:-When did the Reserve Bank of India establish ?
 A:-April 1, 1935
 B:-April 1, 1940
 C:-April 1, 1946
 D:-April 1, 1950
 Correct Answer:- Option-A

4:-Revolt of 1857 is commenced at
 Correct Answer:- Option-B

5:-'Do or Die' is a great slogan of our nation which is formulated by Mahatma. This slogal is related to
 A:-Salt Sathyagraha
 B:-RIN Revolt
 C:-INA Struggle
 D:-Quit India Movement
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

6:-'Sandal Forest' is situated in
 Correct Answer:- Option-A

7:-Peruvannamoozhi Dam is situated in
 Correct Answer:- Option-A

8:-Which district got the largest area of forest ?
 C:-Pathanam Thitta
 Correct Answer:- Option-B

9:-Sasthankotta Water Lake is situated in the district of
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

10:-Pappinisseri in Kannur district is famours for
 B:-Moderate dense forest
 C:-Open forest
 D:-Dense forest
 Correct Answer:- Option-A

11:-'Swamithope' is the birth place of a great social reformer. What is the name of the person ?
 A:-Sree Narayana Guru
 B:-Pandit Karuppan
 C:-T.K. Madhavan
 D:-Vaikunda Swamikal
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

12:-Who is the founder of "Ananthamatham" ?
 A:-Mannatha Padmanabhan
 C:-Brahmananda Sivayogi
 D:-Agamanantha Swami
 Correct Answer:- Option-C

13:-'Kanneerum Kinavum' is a great work of
 A:-V.T. Bhattathirippadu
 B:-Sahodaran Ayyappan
 D:-Chembaka Raman Pillai
 Correct Answer:- Option-A

14:-E.M.S. was the editor of a publication. Which is the publication ?
 A:-Unni Namboothiri
 Correct Answer:- Option-B

15:-In 1924, Aluva witnessed a religious conference. Who was the organiser of this conference ?
 B:-Vakkam Moulavi
 C:-Sree Narayana Guru
 Correct Answer:- Option-C

16:-Recently, a Volleyball player got Arjuna Award. Mention the name.
 A:-John Paul Anchery
 B:-Tom Jose
 C:-I.M. Vijayan
 D:-Jimmy George
 Correct Answer:- Option-B

17:-'Operation Kubera' is related to the hunting of
 A:-Sand mafia
 B:-Gold merchants
 C:-Money lenders
 Correct Answer:- Option-C

18:-What is the name of Indian Finance Minister ?
 A:-Rajnath Singh
 B:-Sushma Swaraj
 C:-P. Chidambaram
 D:-Arun Jaitley
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

19:-'Samskaram' is a great novel. Who is the author ?
 A:-M. Mukundan
 B:-Bimal Mithra
 C:-U.R. Anandamoorthi
 Correct Answer:- Option-C

20:-Arab-Jew conflict is a continuous struggle in Palestine now. Name the organisation that fight for the Arabs.
 C:-Arab League
 D:-None of these
 Correct Answer:- Option-B

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