Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Kerala PSC Attender Exam Questions And Answers 2015

Kerala PSC Attender Exam Questions And Answers 2015

1. Who founded Amnesty International: 
Ans: Petter Bennison

2. Who established Adwaida philosophy 
Sakara Aacharya

3. Who designed the famous Sabarmathi Ashrama
Ans: C M Corriya

4. When did the Arabs invaded  Sind 
Ans: AD 712

5. In which year Gandhiji entered into the Indian Independence fight 
Ans: 1914

6. Which is the largest river in the world ?
Ans: Amazon

7. Where did the first Christina church was constructed in India?
Ans:  Kodungalloorr (Kerala)

8. Which animal was worshiped by the people of ancient Egypt
Ans: Cat

9. Which date is observed as National Energy conservation day?
Ans: December 14

10. What is the full form of LCD
Ans: Liquid Crystal Display.

11) The Total Length of English Channel 

Ans: 564 kms

12) The Total length of Suez canal 

Ans: 162.5 kms.

13) Which the National flower of Italy

Ans: Lilly

14) Which day is observed as world Literacy day

Ans: September 8

15) Vacuum cleaner was invented by?

Ans: Hubert Booth

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