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Solved Question Paper of Excise Inspector in Excise Department , Sub Inspector of Police in Police Department 

Exam Held On : 04-04-2008

1. Father of Indian Archeology :
Alexander Cunningham.

2. Founder of Jainism?
Vardhamana Mahavira

3. Ashtanga Marga is the Central theme of:

4. The first Jain Council was held at:

5. Famous rock cut Kailas Temple at Ellora was built by?
Krishna I

6. The Italian traveler visited Vijaya Nagar during the reign of Devaraya I:?
Nicolo Conti

7. The book “Budhacharitha” was written by ?

8. Capital of Yadava Kingdom:

9. The Sakae era began in :
AD 78

10. Author of Rajatarangini?

11. The fist and only Muslim woman ruler who ever ruled Delhi was:?
Sultana Razia

12. Fatawa-i-Jahandari is the work of :
Zia-ud-din- Barani

13. Diwan-i-Ariz of the Delhi sultanate is :
Head of the military department

14. Pantharpur was the religious reform movement among the :

15. William Hawkins visited Mughal court during the time of :

16. Fatehpur Sikri was founded by Akbar to commemorate his victory over:

17. The Mughal ruler known as ‘mixture of opposites’:
Muhammad bin Tughluq

18. The Mughal emperor known as “Prince of Builders”?

19. Khalsa, a militant force of the Sikhs was organized by :
Guru Govind Singh

20. John Shore, Governor General of British India introduced:
Non-intervention policy

21. Sathi was declared illegal during the Governor-Generalship of :
Lord William Bentick

22. The Govt.of India Act 1919 was based on :
Montague Chelmsford Report

23. Satya Sodhak Samaj was founded by :
Jyoti Babhule

24. Azad Hind Fauj was organized by:
Subhash Chandra Bose

25. Who said “Go back to the Vedas”?
Swami Dayananda Saraswathy.

26. Amartya Sen is the first Asian who got Nobel prize in :

27. The community farm started by Mahatma Gandhi near Johannesburg was:
Tolstoy farm

28. The Indian Prime Minister associated with the creation of Bangladesh was:
Indira Gandhi

29. The first Indian who became Miss world:
Rita Faria

30. The capital of second Chera empire:

31. The capital of Venad:

32. The ship in which Vascodagama came to Kerala :
Saint Gabriel

33. Blue water policy is associated with :

34. The battle of Plassey was fought between:
Siraj-ud daula and Robert Clive

35. The ruler who issued Royal proclamation abolishing slavery in Travancore:
Rani Gauri Lekshmi Bai

36. Whose reign is considered as the golden age of modern Travancore?
Swati Tirunal

37. First Diwan of cochin was:

38. High court of Cochin was established during the Diwanship of :
Sir.shanmugham Chetti

39. Travancore-Cochin state was formed in :
1949 July 1

40. People’s Planning Campaign in Kerala was inaugurated :
August 17, 1996

41. The running of fan makes us comfortable during Summer because it :
Increases the rate of evaporation of perspiration.

42. Heat energy from the Sun reaches the earth by :

43. Temperature of an electric heater becomes constant after sometime because:
Rate of heat generation becomes equal to the rate of heat lost to the atmosphere.

44. When current flows through a metallic conductor, heat is produced, known as :
Joule’s effect

45. Helium was discovered by :

46. Which one of the following elements is not detected by Lassaignes test?
(a)Oxygen (b)Sulphur (c)Nitrogen (d)Chlorine.

47. The credit of discovery of Hydrogen goes to:
Henry Cavendish

48. Which of the following is added to LPG to detect its leakage?
(a)Methane (b)Mercapton (c)Mercury (d)Pentane.

49. Which gas, on coming in contact with blood forms carboxy hemoglobin?
Carbon Monoxide

50. The smallest unit of an element which takes part in a chemical reaction:

51. Movement of plants towards light is known as :

52. Cellular structure associated with intracellular digestion is :

53. Which is the smallest gland in the body ?

54. Genes are located on :

55. Which of the following animal is unicellular?
(a)Earthworm (b)Starfish (c)Amoeba (d)Sponge

56. Sonipat is famous for:
Cycle Industry

57. The general ‘trend of isotherms’ on the Globe is in:
East West

58. Plate Tectonics is the study of :
Rock structures involved in earth movement.

59. Asteroids are:
Minor planets revolving the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

60. The first secretary general of U.N.O.(United Nations Organisation) who got Nobel Prize:
Dag Hammer Shold

61. The winner of the French Open Tennis Tournament of 2007?
Rafel Nadal

62. Nathula pass is in :

63. Father of Co-operative movement?
Robert Oven

64. The newly joined member of UNO?

65. Computer was first invented by:
Charles Babbage

66. The date on which Indian States implemented Value Added Tax(VAT):

67. The objective of Consumer Protection Act is :
Restrict unfair trade practices and adulteration.

68. Normal tenure of a member in Rajya Sabha is :
6 years

69. Residuary powers means those powers which are:
Retained by the Centre or the State for themselves after division of powers between the Centre and the United States in a federation.

70. The Mac-Mohan line is the line that demarcates the boundary between:
India, Burma and China

71. They ----- that house when I was here last year.
were building

72. I wish I--- for the job.
had applied

73. The manager asked the clerk to return all the documents ------- his possession.

74. The minister appealed ------- the people to help the flood victims.
75. Let’s start the work, -------?
Shall we
76. The students in the last benches complained that they could not ------ what the teacher was saying.
make out

77. Long before the chief guest came, the students--------?
had assembled

78. Which of the following words does not belong to the group?
Adventurous, Ambitious, Auspicious Affectionate


79. I have to blame------ for this failure.

80. Had he been careful, the accident ---------?
would not have happened.

81. Ever since they got married, they ------ here.
have been living

82. The news surprised everyone. (Change into Passive Voice).
Everyone was surprised by the news.

83. The nearest in meaning of the word “compliment”.
(a)Gift (b)prize (c)agreement (d)praise

84. The opposite of the word “acquit”:

85. The president------- the youth to follow the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.
called upon

86. ------- I got some tea for you ?

87. The meaning of the phrase “alma mater “.
mother institution

88. She said “ My husband has just been promoted”.(Change into indirect speech)
She said that her husband had just been promoted.

89. When I first met him, he ------ in a hotel.
was working

90. He hardly ever leaves the village,-------?
does he.

91. The wall has been disfigured.(Change into active voice)
Someone has disfigured the wall.

92. Vinod will get a fist class. He is hardworking. (Combine using so….that).
Vinod is so hardworking that he will get a first class.

93. The meeting was held in camera. (The meaning of the phrase in bold).
in private

94. You have to account ----- the delay.

95. The management has decided to suspend the striking employees.(Begin with it)
It has been decided to suspend the striking employees.

96. The approximate meaning of “spill the beans” is :
to reveal secret information

97. His explanations cut no ice with the police. (Approximate meaning of the idiom in bold)
to have little effect

98. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word illustrious:

99. Nehru was not only a politician ----- a great writer.
but also

100. The thief ran away from the crowd, ---------he should be attacked.

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