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Indian Army Soldier Technical Exam Question paper 2014

Army Soldier Technical Exam Question paper 2014

                                                        GENERAL KNOWLEDGE

Choose the correct answer

1. Which one of the following battles took place in 1565?
(a) Battle of Haldighati
(b) Battle of Panipat
(c) Battle of Palasy
(d) None of these

2. SA 14.14.2 Vaccine is used to cure which of the following?
(a) Chikungunya
(b) Dengue fever
(c) Japanese Encephalities
(d) None of these

3. The capital of India was transferred from Calcutta to Delhi during the tenure of:
(a) Lord Irwin
(b) Lord Hardinge
(c) Lord Minto
(d) None of these

4. The right to education was added to the Constitution through which amendment?
(a) 85th
(b) 86th
(c) 87th
(d) None of these

5. Who among the following is not a recipient of Bharat Ratna?
(a) Pt. Ravi Shankar
(b) G.B Pant
(c) Rajeev Gandhi
(d) None of these

6. Deodhar Trophy is associated with which sport?
(a) Football
(b) Hockey
(c) Cricket
(d) None of these

7. Who is the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke award for the year 2005?
(a) Shyam Benegal
(b) Dev Anand
(c) Mrinal Sen
(d) None of these

8. The period of Eleventh Five Year Plan is:
(a) 2005-2010
(b) 2004-2009
(c) 2007-2012
(d) 2008-2013

9. Where is 'Buland Darwaja' located?
(a) Puri
(b) Fatehpur Sikri
(c) Bijapur
(d) None of these

10. Pt. Kelu Chandra Mahapatra is famous for which of the following?
(a) Kathak
(b) Kuchipudi
(c) Bharat Natyam
(d) None of these

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