Friday, 2 May 2014

Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant (Kerala Circle) Previous Year Question Paper 2014

Kerala Circle Postal Asiistant Sorting Assistant Question Paper 2014

1.Who was Awarded Gandhi Peace Prize  2013 by Government of India?
a)Chandi Prasad Bhat
b)Medea Benjamin
c)Desmound tutu
d)Amy Godman

2.Who Becam the 2014 Hocky India League Champion ?
a)Punjab warriors
b)Ranchi Rhions
c)Delhi Wave Riders
d)Uttar Pradesh Wizards

3.Identify the State with Unicameral legislature?
b)Uttar Pradesh

4.The Present Governer of State of kerala is__?
a)Mrs. Shiela Dixit
b)Mr. Nikhil Kumar
c)Mr. Hansraj Badwarj
d)None of these

5.Highly Poulated Water Could Have a BOD Value of _____?
a)17ppm & More
b)Lessthan 5ppm
c)Lessthan 4ppm
d)Lessthan 3ppm

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