Wednesday, 9 April 2014

LGS (Last Grade Servants) Sure Questions and Answers Part 1

 LGS Questions and Answers
1. Idukki Dam is built in the river:
Ans. Periyar

2. In democracy the Sovereignty or the superior power lies in the hands of:
Ans. The People

3. Leaves are green due to the presence of:
Ans. Chlorophyll

4. National Science Day is observed on 28, February to commemorate:
Ans. The day of declaration of Raman Effect

5. Railway service was introduced in India by:
Ans. Lord Dalhousie

6. Rainbow is caused due to:
Ans. Refraction and Dispersion

7. Richter Scale is used for measuring the intensity of:
Ans. Magnitude of Earthquake

8. Santhosh Trophy is associated with:
Ans. Football

9. Television was started in India in the Year:
Ans. 1959

10. The author of “Panchathantra” was:
Ans. Vishnu Sharma

11. The canal that joins the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean is:
Ans. Panama Canal

12. The currency of Bangladesh is:
Ans. Taka

13. The first Indira Gandhi Award for “International Justice and Harmony” was given to:
Ans. Nelson Mandela

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