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Junior Assistant Grade 2 (Company / Corporation / LDC ) Previous Question Paper

 Kerala PSC Junior Assistant Grade II (Company/       Corporation . /LDC ) Previous Question Paper

Exam Held on : 2013

1. "Optical Phenomenon" in the fringe pattern of CD is :
(A) Diffraction
(B) Interference
(C) Polarisation
(D) Reflection

Answer : Interference

2. The weakest force among the following :

(A) Nuclear
(B) Gravitational
(C) Electro Magnetic
(D) Magnetic

Answer : Gravitational

3. Exchange Particle in Quark-Quark Interaction :

(A) Phonon
(B) Photon
(C) Gluon
(D) Exciton

Answer : Gluon

4. Special Theory of Relativity was proposed in :

(A) 1900
(B) 1902
(C) 1903
(D) 1905

Answer : 1905

5.  For liquids, both Coefficient of Viscosity and Surface Tension :
(A) Increases with increase in temperature
(B) Decreases with increase in temperature
(C) Remains constant
(D) None of these

Answer :  Decreases with increase in temperature

6. Fraction of volume of ice seen outside when immersed in water ?

(A) 2%
(B) 24%
(C) 10.5%
(D) 36%

Answer : 10.5%

7. Celsius and Fahrenheit show the same temperature at :

(A) -20
(B) -30
(C) -40
(D) -50

Answer : -40

8. ________occurs when source of light approach an observer.

(A) Brewster Effect
(B) Henrich Effect
(C) Red Shift
(D) Blue Shift

Answer : Blue Shift

9. Which colour indicate Highest Temperature ?

(A) Dull Red
(B) Cherry Red
(C) Orange Red
(D) White

Answer : Dull Red

10. The country that declared the year 2013 as National Year of Rice :

(A) India
(B) Philippines
(C) China
(D) U.S.A

Answer : Philippines

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