Friday, 20 December 2013

Junior Co-Operative Inspector Previous Year Question Papers

Junior co operative inspector Solved Question - Exam held on 28-09-2013


1-All societies in kerala are :
(A) Single functional (B) Double functional
(C) Multifunctional (D) None of these
Ans: (C) Multifunctional

2-Limited Liability means that the liability of the members are :
(A) Limited to their paid up capital (B) Limited to their subscribed capital
(C) Limited to the debts of society (D) None of these
Ans: (A) Limited to their paid up capital

3-Trade Union is :
(A) Business organization (B) Production organization
(C) Factory organization (D) Does not involve in Business
Ans: (D) Does not involve in Business

4-One man one vote is the principles of :
(A) Oligopoly (B) Monopoly
(C) Democracy (D) None of these
Ans: (C) Democracy

5-Imposition of an organization model is :
(A) Blue print (B) Green house
(C) Univalent (D) None of these
Ans : (A) Blue print

6-The basic idea behind Co-operation is :
(A) Each for all and all for all (B) Each for all and all for each
(C) Each for himself (D) Each for everybody
Ans : (B) Each for all and all for each

7-Voting principle of a Co-operative society is :
(A) One share one vote (B) One man one vote
(C) Two head one vote (D) None of these
Ans: (B) One man one vote

8---- is the father of Co-operation
(A) Michal Owen (B) Robert Owen
(C) Roach Dale (D) Karve
Ans: B) Robert Owen

9- Iliability  of a Sole trader is :
 (A) Limited by Guarantee (B) Limited by Shares
(C) Unlimited (D) None of these
Ans: (C) Unlimited

10-Partnership is an association of :
(A) Persons (B) Firms
(C) Company (D) None of these
Ans: (A) Persons

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