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Assistant Port Conservator (Department of Port)/Female Matron (Technical Education Department) Previous Question Paper

 Assistant Port Conservator (Department of Port)/Female  Matron (Technical Education Department) Previous Question

1.Vegetarian is related to meat as..... is related to liquor

(a) Drunkard

(b) Patient
(d) Sportsman

2.A person who sacrifices his life for a cause is called a ....

(b) Martyr
(d) Revolutionary

3.A person who is facing trail before a criminal court is called ....


(b)An accomplice
(c)An accused


4.Find the odd one out:

(a) Dignity
(c) Intelligence
(d) Honesty

5.Which of the following words cannot be formed from the letters used in the word EXAMINATION ?



6.In a certain code language “lim suk ta” means ‘boys are clever’, “din lim pu” means “girls are tall” and “pu ne ta”

means “boys and girls”. Which word in that language means “and” ?



7.Which of the following series obeys the rule, “Number of letters skipped in between adjacent letter is two”?



8.Which of the following series starts with a vowel and then has consonants appearing alternately with vowels?

(b) Iteration

9.Coconut : Shell : : Letter : ...............?

(a) Envelope
(b) Mail
(c) Stamp
(d) Letterbox

10.If a “rectangle” is called a “circle”; a “circle” is called a “point”; a “point” is called a “triangle”; a “triangle” is called a “square”; then, a “wheel” is to be called

(a) Rectangle

(b) Circle
(c) Point
(d) Triangle

11.Which of the following has the maximum concentration of alcohol?

(a) Rum


(c) Brandy

(d) Whisky

12.Amixture of water, and alcohol can be separated by .......

(a) Fermentation

(b) Distillation

(c) Chlorination

(d) Dissociation

13.pH Value of water is .......

(a) 1

(b) 0

(c) 7

(d) 5

14.Pencil is made from .....

(a) Carbon

(b) Lead

(c) Zinc

(d) Graphite

15.Which of the following is known as “Blue Planet”?

(a) Saturn

(b) Earth


16.Which part of the brain is mainly affected by alcohol?

(a) Cerebellum

(b) Cerebrum

(c) Thalamus

(d) Epithalamus

17.Light year is a unit of .....

(a) Time

(b) Intensity of light

 (c) Speed

(d) Distance

18.The purest form of water is obtained from .....


(b) Heavy rains

(c) Lakes

(d) Rivers

19.Iodised salt is used to prevent which of the following diseases?

(a) Goitre

(b) Filaria

(c) Tuberculosis

(d) Diabetes

20.Which of the following elements is present in all acids?

(a) Oxygen

(b) Chlorine

(c) Hydrogen

(d) Nitrogen

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