Thursday, 14 March 2013

Company | Corporation | Board Assistant Exam Coaching 2013

Company | Corporation | Board Assistant Exam Coaching 2013 

(1) The gas used by plants to prepare food?
Ans : Carbon Dioxide

(2) The first vitamin prepared in the laboratory?
Ans : Vitamin C

(3) What is the chemical name of Vitamin B1?
Ans : Thiamine

(4) What is measure of activity of an acid?
Ans: PH

(5) The bee that dies soon after stinging some one?
Ans : Honly-bee

(6) Sun rises at east and sets at west. Why?
Ans. Earth rotates from west to east.

(7) The years with 366 days are known as:
Ans. Leap Year

(8) The day when the Earth is nearest to the Sun.
Ans. January 3

(9) The day when the earth is at its farthest point.
Ans. July 4

(10) The direction of the Earth’s revolution is in:
Ans. Anticlockwise

(11) What is the main part of the tooth?
Ans : Dentine

(12) What is the loss of memory known as?
Ans : Amnesia

(13) The weave motion of small intestine?
Ans : Peristalsis

(14) Which fly is responsible for spreading sleeping sickness?
Ans : Tse - Tse Fly

(15) The Science dealing with the diseases of children is called?
Ans : Pediatrics

(16) What is the major component of bones?
Ans : Calcium Phosphate

(17) Night blindness is a disease caused by the deficiency of_________?
Ans : Vitamin A

(18) Earth is rotating at a speed of_______ at the equator.
Ans. 1669.9 km/hour

(19) The speed of the Earth’s rotation at the poles.
Ans. 0

(20) The inclination of Earth’s axis from the plane of ecliptic.
Ans. 66 ½0

(21)The direction of winds and ocean currents deflects both at northern and southern hemisphere due to _________
Ans. Rotation of the Earth (Coriolis effect)

(22) As a part of rotation, the Earth completes one full circle in 24 hours. How much time to take the earth to complete 10?
Ans. 4 minute

(23) Plastics which get deformed easily on heating and can be bent are known as ___:
Ans. Thermoplastics

(24) Once moulded, some plastics cannot be softened by heating. Such plastics are termed as _________
Ans. Thermosetting plastics

(25) Bakelite and Melamine are examples of _________ plastic.
Ans. Thermosetting plastic

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