Friday, 15 February 2013

PSC asked Questions and Answers on History 2013

1) In which veda the Gayathri Mantra is included
Ans - Rigveda

2) The revolutionist who payed his life for formation of Andhra Pradesh
Ans - Potti Sreeramalu

3) The social philosopher of Kerala said as "no caste, no religion no god"
Ans - K Ayyappan

4) The Dutch official appointed as prime minister of Kochi after the death of Paliathachan
Ans - Hentic Rins

5) The ruling official who demanded for free Thiruvithamkur
Ans - Sir CP Ramaswamy Ayyar

6) Kaladi ,the birth place of Sri Sankaracharya located at the shore of which river
Ans - Periyar

7) Which ruler was know as Vikramadithya
Ans - Chandraguptha II

8) The ruling period of Delhi Sulthanate was
Ans - 1206 - 1526 AD

9) The Mughal ruler who died by falling from the top library room of palace

10) Ajanda cave inscriptions are about
Ans - Jathaka Kadhakal

11) The Viceroy who first visited Travancore
Ans  Lord Curcen 

12) The Cholla ruler who conquered Male dives
Ans - Raja Raja Chola

13) Who has constructed the Kailasanadha temple of Kancheepuram
Ans -Narsimha Varman II

14) The Chola ruler who conquered Sri Lanka
Ans - Rajendra I

15) Who was the founder of Chola dynasty
Ans - Vijayalaya

16) Who has written Keralapazhama
Ans - Herman Gundart

17) Who has started the Shudhi Prasthan
Ans - Swami Dayananda Saraswathi

18) Who has given the name Kerala Simham to Pazhassiraja
Ans - Sardar K M Panicker

19) The year in which Gandhiji visited Kerala for first time
Ans - 19020

20) The Capital of Harsha
Ans - Kanauj

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