Monday, 18 February 2013

Company /Corporartion/Board Assistant Exam Coaching 2013

  •  The first country issued new year greeting cards through Postal service?
          Ans. China
  •  When was the first Postal Stamp issued ?
         Ans. 1840 May 6th

  • Who is the minister for Forest, Sports and Cinema of Kerala?
         Ans. Shri K. B. Ganesh Kumar
  •  The first Indian Personality who was depicted in foreign stamps?
           Ans. Mahatma Gandhi
  •  Which picture was depicted in First world stamp?
           Ans. Queen Victoria’s Head
  •  The busiest Post office in India?
           Ans. Mumbai GPO
  •  First Indian Postage stamp?
          Ans. Scinde Dawk

  •  Which state Police in India utilised the ‘Pigeon Post Service’?
            Ans. Orissa State Police
  • When was the first commemorative stamp issued in India ?
         Ans. In 1931 (to mark the inauguration of New Delhi)
  • The Cricketer from Australian Test Cricket team belongs to Australian Postal Service ?
          Ans. Brad Hogg

  • Who is the minister for Fisheries, Ports and Excise of Kerala?
         Ans. Shri K. Babu
  •  The first Non Royal to appear on U.K. postage stamp?
        Ans. William Shakespeare (1964)
  •  In which language the first Megdoot Post card issued?
         Ans. Tamil
  •  No. of post offices having ‘Pictorial Cancellation facility’ in Kerala?
         Ans. 23
  •  India’s third scented postal stamp?
         Ans. Jasmine (Rs. 15)
  •  What is water mark ?
            Ans. A design / mark on paper given at the time of production.
  •  The first post card issued in Cochin state?
         Ans. 1898 at the time of Raja Rama Varma I
  • Which country issued the first commemorative stamp in the world?
          Ans. Romania
  •  First Postal stamp in the World?
          Ans. Penny Black
  •  When, the Indian Postal Stamp was cancelled at Mount Everest?
         Ans. 1996 May 10 (by ITBP. Indo-Tibet Border Police)
  • Which is India’s first General Post Office?
        Ans. Calcutta GPO (in 1774)
  •  Which country issued the first self adhesive Postage stamp?
          Ans. Sierra Leone (1964)

  • Who is the minister for Welfare of Scheduled Castes & Backward Classes and Tourism of Kerala?
         Ans. Shri A.P. Anil Kumar

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