Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Village Extension Officer,Excise Preventive Officer-Model Exam -English

1.Which one of the following is a masculine genter?

2.The superlative degree of good..

3.A lot of water __________ overflowed the tank

4.The past participle form of throw:

5.Somebody____________ the book
(a)have taken 
(c)is taken
(d)has taken

6.Your need is greater than____________

7.I cannot agree greater than_______:

8.Pride goes before a___________:

9.The weather has turned very _________:
(a) warmly

10.I have full trust ________you:

11.Since I learnt driving I _________ a new car:
(a)had bought
(b)have bought
(c)has bought
(d)was bought

12.The antonym of 'Behave':

13.He goes to School __________ his bycycle

14.Neither the students nor the teacher............come

15.Choose the correctly spelt word:

16.It was ________________unanimous decision.

17.They have finished the job,_____________?
(a)haven't they
(b)have they
(c)did they

18.the________window was repaired;

19.Bourgeois means;
(c)Middle class
(d)Government official

20.This garden is__________beautifull:


1.d  2.d  3.b  4.d  5.d  6.c 7.a  8.a  9.b 10.b  11.b  12.a  13.b  14.b  15.a  16.c  17.a  18.b  19.c  20.c

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