Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kerala PSC Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who was the first indian to be the member of the Birtish House of Commons:
(a)Dada Bhai Navorji
(b)V,K Krishna Menon
(c)M.M Malavya
(d)B.C Pal
Answer:  Dada Bhai Navorji

2.Which is the longest Day in india:
(a)June 21
(b)March 22
(c)April 11
(d)December 22
Answer:  June 21

 3.Pick the odd manout:
(a )Virendra Sehwag
(b)Narain Karthikeyan
(c)Viswanathan Anand
(d)P. Sainath
Answer:  p.Sainath

4.Which country apart from, india celebrates its independence Day on 15th August:
(b)Sri Lanka
(c)South Korea
Answer: South Korea

5.Phalke Award is given to persons of which field:
Answer: Film

6.Is there stone which can float on water? if Yes name it:
(a)Pumice stone
(b)Touch stone
(c)Brim stone
(d)There is no such stone
Answer:Pumice stone

7.What is the commonly used name of dilute acetic acid:
(d)None of these
Answer: Vinegar

8.What is the name of the line which separates india and pakistan:
(a)Macmohan line
(b)Siachin line
(c)Kargil line
(d)Radcliffe line
Answer:  Radcliffe line

 9.The epicentre of Tsunami occurred in December, 2004 was adjacent to which country:
Answer:  Indonesia

10.Sir C.P Ramaswami Aiyer was the diwan of Which state:
Answer: Travancore

11.Kumaranasan was the leasder of which organization:
(c)Yogakshema Sabha
(d)Communitst party
Answer: SNDP

12.Who was the first woman to become a Minister in Kerala:
(a)Susheela Gopalan
(b)K.R Gouriamma
(c)M.T Padma
Answer: K.R Gouriamma

13.Which of the eco-tourism destiantion in Kerala:
Answer: Thenmala

14.Which Keralite first entered into the final of an Olmpic event:
(a)Shiny Wilson
(b)Anju Bobby George
(c) P.T Usha
(d)T.C Yohannan
Answer:  P.T Usha

15.Who is normally the chancellor of the state Universities:
(a)Chief Minister
(c)Education Minister
(d)Advocate General
Answer: Governer


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