Monday, 24 December 2012

Secretariat Assistant Model Exam-Current Affairs

1.Who is the Governor of Karnataka:
             Answer:H.R Bhardwaj

2.Which Country got the Largest number of medals in 2010 Commonwealth Games:

3.Rahul Bannerjee is related to:

4.Paramjth Samota is related to:
            Answer: Boxing

5.The venue of the next Commonwealth Games:
            Answer:  Glasgow

6.Who is the first recipient of the Hans Christian Anderson Award:
            Answer:  J.K Rowling

7.In which country is Bushehr nuclear power plant:

8.The first scheduled tribe panchayat in Kerala:
              Answer:  Idamalakkudy

9.DilmaRoussef is the First woman president of:

10.The 2014 Asian games will be held   in________from September 19 to October4,2014:
              Answer:  Incheon

11.The venue of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics:
              Answer:  Nanjing

12.Which Country made the first test of human embryonic stem Cells:
              Answer: USA

13.International Chemistry year:
              Answer:  2011

14.Which country is the Largest importer of weapons as of 2012:

15.The unmanned areal vechile developed by DRDO:

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